Gourmet Coffee - 100% Arabica

Description: Fruity aroma and flavor with hints of honey, intense citrus acidity, heavy bodied and high sweetness after a lengthy process.

There are two types of coffee bush, Arabica and Robusta. The most cultivated one is the Arabica due its intense sweetness, flavour and also its many variations of acidity, body, and flavour. The Gourmet Coffee is produced with 100% Arabica beans, a premium drink and no doubt the finest coffee.

The Arabica species offers a huge variety of plants, the most famous are the Bourbon, Catuaí, and Mundo Novo, all of these are produced by us.

Focusing on productivity, we employ natural methods to process the coffee (also known as dry or unwashed process). Always seeking for excellence in aromas and flavors, we reached the highest levels in our Gourmet Coffee, surpassing Wet Processed beans in quality and taste, being proudly awarded in 2013 at the Coffee Quality Contest of São Paulo's State.









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