Fazendas Pagliaroni (Pagliaroni's Farm)

Producing coffee since 1897, the farm is located within the Alta Mogiana region (Upper Mogiana – Northeastern São Paulo State) famous for its fertile soil and ideal climate for high quality coffee bean cultivation. The region is also famous for its history, dating back to the early days of coffee production in Brazil, responsible for its development, bringing investment, railways and infrastructure.

"Fazendas Pagliaroni" (Pagliaroni's Farms) are formed by a group of farms: Fazenda São Jorge da Boa Vista, Fazenda Curral de Pedras, Fazenda São Sebastião, Fazenda São Francisco, Fazenda Santa Virginia, Sítio Miracle Medal and Sítio São Paulo, where the production is carried out in a cooperative system with COCAPEC(Cooperative of Ranchers and Coffee).

The farm is responsible for the entire production process, from planting to coffee processing, using the most advanced equipment to achieve excellence in the Gourmet Coffee production.

We work with high quality natural coffee beans, focusing on productivity. Today we have 485 hectares of cultivated area and expanding. We are seeking to increase production but never neglecting the quality by which we are widely renowned.

The farm is UTZ Certificated, ensuring international standards on Social and Environmental Sustainability, reaffirming our commitment to society and employees as well as regard to the Eco-System.







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